Once upon a time, 1998 to be exact, a man had a dream. It was a simple dream. He wanted to see a video with hot men getting pies in their faces. But alas they were hard to come by so he decided to do something crazy. He decided to make them himself and thus Abs Pecs And Pies was born and The pie guys rejoiced for someone had done what they had been waiting for for a very long time. The video was a hit and soon another came out and another and there were 3 very funny very hot videos of men getting pies in thier kissers. But alas the good times were soon to end as all good things do. The man who made so many happy disappeared and took his videos with him. It was a dark time for those who their liked men covered in pies but there is good news. For once again the abs pecs pie videos have appeared. This time as downloads in that wondrous thing called the Internet. An once again the pie guys rejoiced and threw pies at each other! For those who have long heard the rumors of this most wondrous videos could now buy and enjoy them themselves! And a new era in pie videos is born!!!

Hello everyone. I am happy to say that the original creator of these videos has given me the rights and all the original tapes and I decided to put them up for sale once again. At the moment I have video 2 up for download but please check in in the next few weeks because I will be putting all three videos up. In the meantime please enjoy the fun from video number 2!

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